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Sewing Tools

Are you ready to take your creations to the next level? Well than you should consider buying a sewing kit. These sewing kits can help you do anything from making quick repairs to making a masterpiece. Whether you're a designer or a home crafter these kits are a must. The kits provide the essentials you need to make your ideas come to life. There are also beautiful kits and caddies to help you keep all of your materials together; this is great for those who easily misplace the smaller pieces, like bobbins and needles. If you're ready to craft and design like a pro be sure to get what you have always wanted!

Aluminum & Steel Crochet Hooks Set With Case

Wholesale Aluminum & Steel Crochet Hooks Set With Case Price: $23.42

Great for making projects at home or on the go, this 24-piece Aluminum &...

Needle Gauge Ruler Set

Wholesale Needle Gauge Ruler Set Price: $19.31

A perfect addition to your knitting box, this 2-piece Needle Gauge Ruler Set...

Iron-On Hemming Tape

Wholesale Iron-On Hemming Tape Price: $32.03

Easy to use and a great time saving tool, this Iron-On Hemming Tape makes short...

Round Knitting Loom Set

Wholesale Round Knitting Loom Set Price: $16.45

Great for beginning knitters, this 6-piece Round Knitting Loom Set features...

Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook

Wholesale Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook Price: $35.21

Perfect for use with bulky yarn, this Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook features a...

Small Steel Crochet Hook Set

Wholesale Small Steel Crochet Hook Set Price: $26.94

Great for a variety of projects, this 4-piece Small Crochet Hook Set features...

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