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Sewing Kits

COVID Update

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, estimated shipping and handling times will have additional delays.

Any of our sewing kit products are perfect for either the home sewing enthusiast or the professional seamstress. You may be just getting into the sewing hobby, and finding that you need to expand your equipment. Our products are here to help! Maybe your an experienced seamstress who is introducing her children to sewing? Our products are perfect for you and your kids. Our products are also great for the professional who needs more sewing equipment for her growing business. No matter what your sewing needs are, big or small, we got you covered.

All-In-One Sewing Kit

Wholesale All-In-One Sewing Kit Price: $29.17

Great for general repairs and sewing, this 28-piece All-In-One Sewing Kit is the...

Sewing Travel Kit

Wholesale Sewing Travel Kit Price: $25.35

Clothing tears and lost buttons can happen anywhere. This Sewing Travel Kit has...

Compact Sewing Kit In Case

Wholesale Compact Sewing Kit In Case Price: $38.71

Perfect for travel or on the go, this Compact Sewing Kit has everything you need...

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