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Safety Pins

Safety pins are a must-have for any household! You'll never be worried about a lost button or a ripped shirt again if you have one of our safety pin sets! Whether you need big or small safety pins, we've got you covered. Have you ever had a button fall off your pants when you're rushing to the office for an important meeting? If you've got our safety pins, you'll have nothing to worry about! You can use one of our pins to keep your outfit together and then fix the problem at home! Keep a set in the office and another at home just in case. Order a set of safety pins today!

Jumbo Brass Safety Pins

Wholesale Jumbo Brass Safety Pins Price: $21.69

Ideal for thicker fabrics such as denim, tweed, terry cloth and corduroy, this 30...

Small Brass Safety Pins

Wholesale Small Brass Safety Pins Price: $21.69

Great for a perfect quick-fix for minor wardrobe malfunctions, this 120-piece...

Jumbo Metal Safety Pins

Wholesale Jumbo Metal Safety Pins Price: $21.69

Perfect for thicker fabrics such as denim, burlap, terry cloth and corduroy, this...

Standard Size Safety Pins

Wholesale Standard Size Safety Pins Price: $22.97

Ideal for sewing emergencies, this 200-piece Standard Size Safety Pins Set is...

Jumbo Safety Pins

Wholesale Jumbo Safety Pins Price: $21.69

A perfect temporary solution for clothing rips or tears and many other uses, this...

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