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Combine these beautiful Rhinestones to any home craft project to give it some real sparkle! These rhinestones offer an incredible value for the visual impact that they provide. From adorning costumes, to homemade jewelry projects, these rhinestones offer endless possibilities. Looking to mount rhinestones in your project? consider a pre-mounted rhinestone package to make your work even easier. These stones range from large to small and are easily applied using traditional fixing methods. Looking for a more permanent fixation of your rhinestones? Consider the sew on option for a long lasting appeal.

Blue Rhinestones

Wholesale Blue Rhinestones Price: $7.27

These pretty rhinestones will make a pretty addition to any costume or uniform....

Purple Craft Rhinestones

Wholesale Purple Craft Rhinestones Price: $11.76

Purple craft rhinestones add sparkle and shimmer to denim clothes, bag or purses...

Blue Rhinestones With Mounts

Wholesale Blue Rhinestones With Mounts Price: $11.76

Rhinestones are ideal for adding sparkle to jackets, pants and backpacks. There...

Red Rhinestones

Wholesale Red Rhinestones Price: $13.04

These rhinestones are a bright and shiny compliment to any uniform or costume....

Create Out Loud Rainbow Iron-On Rhinestones

Wholesale Create Out Loud Rainbow Iron-On Rhinestones Price: $18.81

Great for apparel, home decor and more, these Create Out Loud Rainbow Iron-On...

Sapphire Rhinestones With Mounts

Wholesale Sapphire Rhinestones With Mounts Price: $11.12

This size of rhinestone is ideal for crafting, sewing, for making uniforms and...

Green Rhinestones

Wholesale Green Rhinestones Price: $10.48

These green rhinestones look like bright emeralds. They would be great for use on...

Sew-On Blue Rhinestones

Wholesale Sew-On Blue Rhinestones Price: $11.12

Add your own style and sparkle to jeans, bags or jackets. Simply sew rhinestones...

Green Rhinestones

Wholesale Green Rhinestones Price: $13.04

Use rhinestones to decorate purses, sweaters, pants pockets and more. Each bag...

Sew-On Red Rhinestones

Wholesale Sew-On Red Rhinestones Price: $11.12

These pretty rhinestones are just waiting to be sewn onto a dance costume, a doll...

Multi-Color Rhinestone Set

Wholesale Multi-Color Rhinestone Set Price: $18.53

Great for craft and sewing projects, this assortment of 600 plastic rhinestones...

Sew-On Topaz Rhinestones

Wholesale Sew-On Topaz Rhinestones Price: $11.76

For uniforms or costumes, nothing beats the shine of rhinestones. These topaz-...

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