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Pins & Pin Cushions

Are you an avid fabric crafter? If so than you are sure to love the pins and cushions that are offered. Pins are an essential part of working with fabric; they hold everything in place while you work and if you place them perpendicular to the direction you are sewing you can even leave them in as you use a sewing machine. While you are focused on your work it is also important to have something to put your pins in so you're not left with sharp pins scattered about. This is why there are cushions; to place your pins in the cushions when you are done using them to help avoid misplacing them.

Pearlized Straight Pins

Wholesale Pearlized Straight Pins Price: $21.86

A sewing essential, this 80-piece Pearlized Straight Pins Set features pins made...

Straight Pins Value Pack

Wholesale Straight Pins Value Pack Price: $20.58

Ideal for hemming, pinning and more, this Straight Pins Value Pack is a tailor...

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