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Googly Eyes

Ever feel like someone has their eyes on you? This time they do. These eyes can be used just about anywhere in the world and are immediately recognizable to almost anyone in the entire world’s population. They can be used in about any holiday and are acceptable in every place imaginable. They can be sewn and glued onto things to give them their own unique outlook. They add a level of sophistication to many items. Teachers could add them to homework or a prankster could put them in random place to scare people. The uses are endless and the possibilities are a very fun thing to think about.

Colored Wiggly Printed Craft Eyes

Wholesale Colored Wiggly Printed Craft Eyes Price: $25.69

Perfect for a variety of projects, these Colored Wiggly Printed Craft Eyes...

Plastic Craft Wiggly Eyes

Wholesale Plastic Craft Wiggly Eyes Price: $24.72

Give crafting projects expression and whimsy! Wiggly eyes are perfect for doll...

Craft Wiggly Eyes

Wholesale Craft Wiggly Eyes Price: $11.04

Perfect for adding a unique and fun touch to school projects, invitations,...

Sew-On Wiggly Eyes

Wholesale Sew-On Wiggly Eyes Price: $8.82

These 12mm eyes are great for any project that requires an extra eye or two. They...

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