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Craft Pipe Cleaners

COVID Update

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, estimated shipping and handling times will have additional delays.

Our craft pipe cleaners are a must have item in your arts and crafts drawer at home. Whether your children are working on a craft project for school, or simply expressing themselves artistically, they will love our craft pipe cleaners. Whether you and your kids are making an animal scene, buildings, toy glasses or anything else, our craft pipe cleaners are just what you need! Spend quality time with your family while encouraging them to create art using our terrific craft pipe cleaners!

25 Pack Black Fuzzy Craft Sticks

Wholesale 25 Pack Black Fuzzy Craft Sticks Price: $18.68

Great for craft projects, this 25-piece Black Fuzzy Craft Sticks Set features...

Chenille Craft Stems

Wholesale Chenille Craft Stems Price: $10.41

A great multi-purpose craft item, these Chenille Craft Stems can be used to make...

25 Pack Blue Fuzzy Craft Sticks

Wholesale 25 Pack Blue Fuzzy Craft Sticks Price: $15.81

25 pack blue fuzzy craft sticks

Chenille Spiral Craft Stems

Wholesale Chenille Spiral Craft Stems Price: $13.11

Ideal for a variety of craft projects, this versatile 8-pack of 12" Chenille...

Chenille Color Craft Stems

Wholesale Chenille Color Craft Stems Price: $11.52

Perfect for all creative projects, this 30-piece Chenille Color Craft Stems Set...

Glitter Craft Stems

Wholesale Glitter Craft Stems Price: $13.75

Perfect for craft projects, this 30-piece Glitter Craft Stems Set is great for...

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