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Craft Containers & Organizers

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Whether you're an amateur crafter, or a professional with many projects ongoing, you'll love the organization and clarity that our craft containers bring to your work. Many crafters believe that keeping organized is the most important facet of crafting. Without a dedication to categorizing and storing your work, it's easy to become lost among multiple projects! You'll find that our storage bags and bottles are the perfect way to keep your work organized. Even experienced craft professionals can find new productivity and clarity once they try these products. Consider our terrific storage containers and organizers for your next crafting project!

Cakewalk Fuchsia Galvanized Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk Fuchsia Galvanized Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk fuchsia galvanized metal pail

Mini Metal Craft Bucket With Ribbon

Wholesale Mini Metal Craft Bucket With Ribbon Price: $15.97

Perfect for making unique gifts, holding craft items and more, this Mini Metal...

Cakewalk Lemon Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk Lemon Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk lemon metal pail

Resealable Storage Bags

Wholesale Resealable Storage Bags Price: $32.35

Resealable storage bags are great for crafts, stationery, sewing and more! Bags...

Cakewalk Mint Galvanized Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk Mint Galvanized Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk mint galvanized metal pail

Small Craft Bottles

Wholesale Small Craft Bottles Price: $13.59

Perfect for holding sand, beads, confetti, glitter, paint and more, this 3-piece...

Cakewalk Strawberry Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk Strawberry Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk strawberry metal pail

Small Plastic Craft Containers

Wholesale Small Plastic Craft Containers Price: $18.84

Perfect for storing buttons, paint, beads, jewelry, gems, creams, findings,...

Cakewalk Teal Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk Teal Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk teal metal pail

Tin Bucket With Stars

Wholesale Tin Bucket With Stars Price: $41.10

Great for a multitude of uses, this Tin Bucket with Stars features a metal bucket...

Cakewalk White Metal Pail

Wholesale Cakewalk White Metal Pail Price: $18.92

cakewalk white metal pail

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