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COVID Update

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, estimated shipping and handling times will have additional delays.

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Please note that we do not prioritize shipments by shipping it with a faster shipping method. Most shipments are ground, but we occasionally use LTL Freight when there is a sufficiently large order with many cases.

You will receive an automated shipping email from us when your item is shipped for all ground shipments.

If you need merchandise by a certain hard date, please notate that date in the order comments. If we do not believe we can get it to you by that date, we will first put the order on hold, email you, and then we will refund you in full when appropriate.

The most common question we get is related to the total quantity of a product. If you are purchasing a pack of 24, that means you will get 24 units of that item. If one unit of that item comes in a 4-pack, that means you would get 24 4-packs total.

If you are looking to return merchandise, or the order contained damaged or wrong products, please fill out our RMA form.

If you are looking for the status of your order, please Login to view your order.

Please provide us the link to the product your asking about
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We want to know what's wrong with our site, when problems happen. The best way you can help us, is to tell us what browser your using, and what page your having a problem with. Any error messages you get from that page is also very helpful to us in finding the problem.
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